An Introduction To Social AnxietyEdit

Social Anxiety Disorder, or Social Phobia, is a common form of anxiety relating specifially to social situations.

By some people it can be mistaken for shyness, but social anxiety it actually a lot more extreem than that. It is an intense fear that affect everyday life and can make it very hard for the individual suffering from it to go about everyday tasks many people wouldn't think twice about. Left untreated it can massively affect a persons social life as well as school or work performance, it can also lead to things such as depression.

What Sort Of Situations Affect Socially Anxious People?Edit

Social anxiety can affect everyone differently, one person might have a crippling fear of one situation whilst another could cope with that particual one just fine but may suffer in another.

Some common situations involing people that a socially anxious person may fear include: 

  • Shopping
  • Making or answering phone calls
  • Participating in class or work discussions, or simply going to school or work at all
  • Meeting new people
  • Attending parties
  • Talking to a figure of authority

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What Causes Social Anxiety?Edit

Unfortunately there is no one cause for social anxiety, which for some individuals can seem distressing and annoying. It is likely to be either a combination of factors or a build up over time, which can often be reasons why it goes unseen.

Other disorders can sometimes cause social anxiety such as depression. It can also sometimes run in families and therefore be caused by genetics.

(I'll add more later, please keep in mind that this wiki is still very new and I'm still setting up)

How Do You Know If It is Affecting You?Edit

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What Can You Do About It?Edit

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